Singapore’s Most Stylish Women 2016: Josephine Chan Griede

This chic gamine of Dutch-Chinese parentage is a body art aficionado

Jacket; pants, Burberry. Jewellery, Josephine’s own

Jacket; pants, Burberry. Jewellery, Josephine’s own

This year’s diverse crop of extraordinary women in Singapore have it all: Sophistication, smarts and an exceptional sartorial sensibility that put them in a league of their own. Tattoo apprentice Josephine Chan Griede, with a plethora of body ink proves there are more ways than one to show off your individuality.

What made you interested in tattooing?

It is the very “human experience”, to feel the desire to express and decorate one’s self, that drew me to tattoos and tattooing. I guess it’s also the idea of “living art”—how tattoo artists leave a bit of themselves on their clients through art and the process of collaborating with the client, and how these pieces go on living, growing and changing with the people they are on.

What are your preferred brands?

Though I mostly prefer thrifted and basic pieces, I would have to say Dr. Martens (the brand holds sentimental value for me), and the aesthetics of Rick Owens, Ann Demeulemeester and MISBHV.

Where would you escape to?

This is a tough one! I feel that being at home is very much like escaping. But if I really had to pick a destination, probably London. I have many fond memories of the city.

What would you bring along?

My music player, a sketch book, a good read, my favourite pair of boots and a trusty jacket.

By Gerald Tan and Dana Koh
Photographed by Gan
Styled by Windy Aulia
Hair and Makeup: Grego, Manisa Tan/PaletteInc
Photography assistants: Samsidi Baderi, Loy Kok Wee
Fashion interns: Shona Menon, Ryan Sng