My Inspirations: Lucinda Law On Her Love Affair With Nature


In the second episode of our video series, we discover Lucinda Law’s creative process in her various roles, including a botanical watercolour artist and editor of her website, Not afraid to face any challenges head on, Lucinda takes life’s adversities in her stride and bravely ventures out of her comfort zone, creating beautiful artworks and life memories.

How did you become a botanical watercolour artist?
Lucinda Law:
Two years ago, I ended a 10 year relationship, lost my cat and switched jobs all within a short span of time. So I decided to take this time to go on a sabbatical and really rethink my life. I went to live in New Zealand and the Gili Islands, where I was surrounded constantly by nature and as a result, developed an affinity for it. I experienced its astounding beauty and how it operates in series of synchronies. It was then I came to realise that I’m to dedicate my lifework creating and teaching about nature and the arts.  So once I returned home, I started WITHIN, an online conservatory that is dedicated to botanical-inspired and nature-led creative, cultural & lifestyle pursuits. I also returned to watercolour botanical painting, something which I’ve enjoyed since picking it up more than a decade ago. And the rest, as they say, is history, because this just gives me such immense pleasure and peace.

What inspires you?
Nature, of course, but I gravitated towards flowers in particular, since they signify the possibility of having hope and faith, and to find love and beauty. I love how flowers symbolise life at full bloom and all its potential.

How do you usually get yourself started on creating a piece of work?
I believe that a big part of my creative process goes into courting my muses, which vary, depending on the subject of my work. When I visit a garden or a park, I become very alert, where it is almost like a heightened consciousness to observe what’s around me. From there, I make the connections that would eventually lead me to create the work. I day-dream, read, do up a playlist, take photographs, go out to nature, and wait for nature to show me in its own way.

What do you hope to achieve through your work?
I experience an indescribable sense of awe each time I come across a beautiful botanical subject, and I want to cultivate a sense of appreciation for the beauty in nature. I want to make people curious about it and love it even more.

What do you seek comfort in? 
LL: I always get a sense of peace when I return to what I’m most familiar with, which is my creative instinct. Whenever I’m stuck with a piece of artwork, I count on my creative instinct, which I listen to and let it guide my work. I try not to overthink things and focus on my love for nature. Then, I’m once again inspired to create what I love.

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By Joyce Cheo
Production: Anue Studios
Stylist: Debby Kwong
Wardrobe: Chanel
Hair: Sean Ang
Makeup: Courtesy of Chanel
Flower Arrangements: Courtesy of Poppy Flora Studio