BAZAAR Most Stylish Women 2017: Carmen Ow

The society darling is a vision of girlish sophistication

This video was specially produced in collaboration with Bulgari

bazaar most stylish women 2017 carmen owWhat is your first memory of fashion?
I think every girl loves Disney Princesses; I know I sure did. Whenever we travelled, my parents would always bring me to a Disney store and I loved buying princess costumes! Obviously, I gladly slipped into them immediately, and I have photo albums to prove it.

Describe your shopping personality.
I am part impulse buyer, part hoarder, and part stocker. If I love something sartorial, I buy it in multiple colours and prints; and for things like beauty products, I get them in bulk. I don’t like realising that I’m on my last bottle of my favourite body wash, for example, and don’t spare a second before topping up my stash.

How has your style evolved?
I don’t wear jeans as much anymore; but I still absolutely love tailored, textured blazers, and have always dressed according to my mood. I find myself contrasting feminine silhouettes with masculine watches more than ever now, too.

Who are your style icons?
It has always been Olivia Palermo. I just love how she can take almost anything and make it look so effortlessly elegant—even a classic sweatshirt-and-sneakers street style combo looks elevated when it’s her in it.

What is your ultimate beauty secret?
Masking. Whenever I travel, if I need to prep my skin for a big event, or simply when my skin is parched, my go-to beauty treat is SK-II’s Facial Treatment Masks.

bazaar most stylish women 2017 carmen ow

Carmen exudes feminine charm in a floral Zimmermann romper. Gold and diamond Serpenti necklace; gold and diamond Bulgari Bulgari necklace; (on right ring finger) gold, multi-stone and diamond Serpenti rings, Bulgari

Photographer: Darren Gabriel Leow; Stylist: Windy Aulia; Makeup and hair: Grego, Nikki Fu/Indigo Artisans using YSL Beauty, Manisa Tan/PaletteInc using La Biosthetique, Toni Tan using M.A.C

bazaar most stylish women 2017

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