Heidi Klum Is The Star Of Our July 2017 Issue!

Editor-in-Chief Kenneth Goh introduces the power-packed issue featuring TV mogul and fashion superstar Heidi Klum

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The idea of power, the omnipresent force that governs us and defines the rules by which we play, starts when we are just babies and rests squarely on the shoulders of our caregivers — be it parents, helpers, nannies or grandparents. But babies quickly learn how to wrestle the power away with a loud scream or cute giggle — it’s amazing how they can turn adults into a soppy mess of ooohs and ahhhs. Power, whatever your age or persuasion, can be taken from the strongest if you have the guile, the will and the tenacity to stand up to authority. Permutations of power can truly change the way we view things, the way we behave and relate to others. It’s often abused and needs to be carefully treated in order to gain respect.

And R-E-S-P-E-C-T (as sung by Aretha Franklin) is just what cover star, Heidi Klum, has gained with her magnificent transformation from model to TV star. Today, this reality TV celebrity judges everything: Models, singers and talents as far-flung as Germany to her current home in Los Angeles. She has used her powerful voice and presence to make political statements on Twitter, waving the flag for the land of the free and the home of the brave. And Klum doesn’t avoid writing “model” on her job description — a word that many a model-turned-actress-turned-businesswoman shies away from once she’s found success away from the catwalk; almost as if it’s a dirty word. Read what Miss Klum has to say about power and how a slick of red lipstick can metaphorically transform her from mum to media mogul.

Speaking of which, we showcase some of the most powerful fashion to make you feel you have the whole world at your feet with sweatsuits for work. Yes, you read that right — though I’m not talking about the Juicy Couture numbers you used to slouch around in. Today’s sweatsuits are tailored, skim the body, and go from plane to board room effortlessly with the right pair of heels. You have Alessandro Michele at Gucci to thank for this chic transition.

We also salute 30 of the world’s most successful women in our ode to #girlpower — from the powerful imagery of China-born Chen Man, the dynamic photographer who’s engaging in a potent political discourse on China through hyper-stylised visuals in fashion glossies, to Singaporean Gillian Tan of clicknetwork.tv, whose unscripted web shows have amassed a million subscribers on YouTube. Finally, no power player is complete without perfect hair.

Whether it’s a Brazilian blow out that you are after, or even just a simple bob, check out our Hair Awards. We have all the quick fixes, fab finds and professional secrets to keep your crowning glory just the way it should be — shiny, polished and gleaming like the star that you are.

Now, watch our exclusive behind-the-scenes video with Heidi Klum on set in Los Angeles:

—Kenneth Goh, Editor-in-Chief 

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Photographer: Yu Tsai. Stylist: Cat Wennekamp-Tapper. Heidi Klum wears blazer; waistcoat, Ralph Lauren Collection. Necklace; bracelets; rings, Tiffany & Co. Makeup by Dior. Makeup artist: Linda Hay. On the face: Diorskin Forever & Ever Wear, Diorskin Star, Diorskin Forever & Ever Control Loose Powder, Diorskin Nude Air Care & Dare, Diorblush in 676 Coral Cruise. On the eyes: 5 Couleurs in 647 Undress, Diorshow Pro Liner in 092 Pro Black, Diorshow Pump ’N’ Volume, All-In-Brow 3D in 002 Blonde. b Universal Contour Lipliner, Dior Addict Lipstick in 138 Purity. Hair stylist: Lorenzo Martin. Manicurist: Emi Kudo.

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