Singapore Fashion Week 2017: Ling Wu x Gin Lee

Bold colours in chic silhouettes topped off with exotic arm candies for the stylish career woman. By Adriel Chiun

Photo: Ashley Mak

Combining precious and exotic animalia and the wonders of Tel Aviv was the collaboration between acclaimed accessory designer Ling Wu and famed fashion designer Gin Lee. Lee’s designs looked as if they were bathed in golden light, as diaphanous box-pleated dresses and skirts in beautiful shades of mustard, red, and cream were worn casually with the clever reinvention of cardigans as belts, corsets, and even tied across the chest.

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Wu’s contribution to this equation? Delicious arm candy! From snakeskin to alligator, and even calfskin, Wu’s tactile creations became even more covetable with the unconventional addition of colourful carabiners and mountaineering cords – coiled around bag handles or hung freely as unlikely bag charms!

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