10 Under 10: The Next Generation Influencers You Need To Know Now

In fashion, we’re always looking for the Next Big Thing. And what better way to discover the next superstar than by looking at the kids in the world today? That’s why we’re kicking off our 10 Under 10 list this year with a selection of the world’s youngest influencers. From America to South Korea, these are the tiny tots making a huge impact on the world right now.

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The Singapore Special:

1. Tyler Lim and Jake Lim

PR maven Tjin Lee‘s charming offspring Tyler and Jake are no strangers to the spotlight (Tyler’s even been featured in BAZAAR Junior a couple of times!), and when they’re not in their made-to-size Audi strollers, they’re building a following on Instagram with their winsome smiles.

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2. Leia Lok and Lauren Lok

Singaporean twins Leia and Lauren are always getting into all sorts of mischievous trouble and we absolutely love it. Antics aside, their co-ordinating outfits also give us so much life!

3. Dashiel Marquet Sayre

We’ve had Dash on our radar for a while now and not only because Xiaxue is his mum! The doe-eyed toddler is one of the smiley-est children in Singapore and is winning hearts island-wide with his irresistable charm. Watch any of his videos on Xiaxue’s Instagram to find out why!

😍😍😍 #mianbaolian

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4. Charlie Rose Ong

Now, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting this tiny tot at events a couple of times and we are always entertained. Don’t let her size fool you! Whether it’s her beautiful outfits, impish smile or playful demeanour, Charlie Rose Ong knows how to make a big impression every single time.

You give me life, little love. #CharlieRoseOng

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5. Zola Mae and Ari John

Zola Mae and Ari John (kids of Kevin Lester and Aarika Lee) are one of the sweetest siblings in Singapore: if you ever spot one, the other won’t be far behind. With an enviable wardrobe and killer smiles, these children are on their way to be fashion stars of the future.

By Pakkee

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