BAZAAR Spotlight: Meet Nam Joo-Hyuk, The Hottest South Korean Model Turned Actor

In the second installment of our BAZAAR Spotlight series, we are shining a light on another rising South Korean star that is already taking the world by storm. If this boy wonder isn’t on your radar (or at the very least on your Instagram feed), we are here to rectify that. Nam Joo-Hyuk, 23-year-old model turned actor, is fronting the new wave of Korean stars that is gaining International attention. Both in the fashion industry and the K-drama genre. From his boyish good looks and laid back street style, Joo-Hyuk is top-to-toe swoon worthy. It’s no wonder he has graced the glossy covers of Korea’s top fashion magazines such as High Cut, L’Officiel Hommes, Dazed & Confused and Grazia. His popularity has grown exponentially when he joined Korean variety programme “Three Meals A Day” and acted in dramas like “Who Are You: School 2015” and “Cheese In The Trap”. With a giant following of 6.6 million on Instagram alone (@skawngur), Joo-hyuk’s presence will not be forgotten anytime soon. Then again, how can you forget that face?

Here are 5 things you need to know about this young model/actor:

1. Joo-Hyuk debuted on the runway in 2014 Seoul Fashion Week

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Shortly after graduating from a modelling academy, Joo-Hyuk made his debut on the runway at Seoul Fashion Week. Talk about diving into the deep end! This fresh-faced model booked and walked an impressive 10 shows even as a rookie at his first ever major fashion week. This solidified his presence in Korea’s modelling industry. Joo-Hyuk is also signed under ‘YGKPlus’, the modelling management branch of YG Entertainment, which we reckon needs no introduction.

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2. His first successful leading role was in the hit Korean drama, “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo”, alongside fellow colleague, Lee Sung-Kyung


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His first foray into acting was met with some criticism from Korean netizens who thought his portrayal of a high school star swimmer was a tad awkward. But that did not faze this young model/actor who was determined to show a different charm in his next starring role opposite his colleague, Lee Sung-Kyung. Charm the masses he did! He played best friend-turned-love-interest in “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo” with tremendous success, causing many fans to fall hard for his irresistible charisma and even “ship” the two lead actors.

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3. From colleagues to friends to something more, Joo-Hyuk and Sung-Kyung are reportedly dating officially.


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Much to the delight of fans! Fictional love has become a reality with these two co-stars. After lots of rumours thanks to their undeniable chemistry onscreen, YG entertainment has recently released a statement that made their relationship status official. Whether you are rejoicing or feeling a tad bit bitter, you can’t help but think, “Damn, that’s one good-looking couple.”

4. Joo-Hyuk is a major dog-lover and NBA fan boy.


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If his charming onscreen persona and dashing good looks hasn’t won you over yet, we’re pretty sure his puppies will. He constantly takes photos of his pet dogs and posting them on his social media. You can totally tell that he is a dog-lover and his puppies are so cute, they will melt your heart. On top of that, he is sporty too! Though the characters he plays are often swimmers, Joo-hyuk is actually a huge NBA fan. He doesn’t just watch basketball, he plays too. What can this guy NOT do?

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5. His model off-duty style is understated street style at its finest.


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While on set, Joo-Hyuk dons suits, quirky sweaters and fedora hats. In real life, he is much less flashy and opts for a casual street style that is quintessentially Korean. Think varsity sweaters, baseball caps and hoodies, expertly layered both for style and functionality. Denim jackets are also staples in his wardrobe, perfect for the transitional seasons. Don’t be too fussed whether the colours match, the key is not overthink it. It looks effortless as Joo-Hyuk seems to be someone who values comfort as much as aesthetic. Can we get an Amen?!

By Hanan Haddad 

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