Family Values: How Two Modern Families #GiveBrilliant To The Next Generation

In partnership with Swarovski, we present two filial daughters who play key roles in each other’s evolution as mothers, and creative parents on a road of self-discovery with their kids this Mother’s Day


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Twins passing on beautiful values they inherited from their mother to their children

How important a role has your sister played in your evolution as a mother?

Choy: May is the ultimate mum — not only is she raising kind, compassionate and smart little ladies, her patience and determination to make every situation a memorable one, be it everyday milestones or big birthday parties, is truly admirable. I look up to her, and have confided in her ever since Dylan was born.

May: Choy is one devoted auntie (and one of the best babysitters), who has played a key role in my kids’ formative years. Whenever I was exhausted when they were younger, she stepped in and took care of them; and she gives such substance to them by relating to them on a very intellectual and emotional level from the start — she was recently at the British Museum, and called my daughter to discuss art and history.

What values from your mother are you passing down to your kids?

May: Both our grandmother and mother are smart, stunning women who never focused or complained about looks. Because they were confident and stayed true to themselves, we are too; and we want to pass down this positive message to our children.

Choy: Our grandma instilled in us a Hokkien saying that means, “Beauty won’t matter if you don’t have a brain”. We also want our kids to have the same urgency to help others and the strong family values they brought us up with — family over everything.

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Are there traits of yours that you already see in your kids?

Both: Leala and Siena have inherited our warped sense of humour — so much so our father calls them May and Choy 2.0! They play the same pranks we did as children, and laugh at the same things we do.

Choy: Besides Dylan looking just like me, he’s so much like his dad, even at this age. He is incredibly determined — if he wants it, he’ll do what it takes to get it.

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