Charmed Life: PANDORA Autumn/Winter Collection Is An Array of Festivities

Charm bracelets have been around for as long as anyone can remember. The origins of charms are said to date back to the neolithic era, when hunters would carry interesting stones with them to ward off enemies; while in ancient Egypt, charms were used as symbols of luck, and as forms of identification in the afterlife. But the credit for charms being used for aesthetic—though no less meaningful—value goes to Queen Victoria, who is said to have championed the charm bracelet as a style statement, leading to its popularity with European nobility. At the end of World War II, soldiers returning home to their loved ones brought back trinkets from the countries they had been stationed in, solidifying the status of charms as signifiers full of meaning. Weaving tales unique to their wearer, the charms one chooses to assemble on their bracelet symbolise the people, places and events they want to keep close to them.

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No matter what story you want to tell, never has there been a time when you could have more fun personalising your own charm bracelet—thanks to Danish goldsmith Per Enevoldsen and his wife, Winnie, who went from opening the first PANDORA store in Copenhagen in 1982, to conceiving the charm bracelet concept in 2000, to today’s international presence of 100 countries on six continents.
All along, PANDORA’s mission has been to offer women limitless opportunities for personal expression through a universe of high quality, contemporary hand-finished jewellery at affordable prices. As their mood and tastes evolve through the seasons, their PANDORA jewellery changes to suit their personal style too. Whether it be charms to commemorate unforgettable moments or jewellery for a special occasion, donning their PANDORA is an intimate and meaningful experience.


From fur-trimmed brocade gowns to patchwork sequinned dresses and skirts that oozed like liquid gold, the runways this autumn/winter season brimmed with tales of excess, opulence and decadence from a bygone era. Sterling silver and cubic zirconia recreate the invigorating effect of glistening water droplets, while spheres of reflection and refraction are presented in different scales and arrangements, echoing the beading and embellishments seen all over the catwalks. PANDORA’s autumn collection captures the aura and elegance of heirlooms with iridescent colours, rich textures and designs featuring swirling lines, classic architectural shapes, and motifs from the natural world.

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The charms in the new ESSENCE collection are not just representations of autumn with their colourful mother-of-pearl mosaics, but also have meaning. Make room on your bracelet for the white GENEROSITY charm, for example, if you are looking for a symbol of openness and kindness; or the bluish grey BALANCE charm, if you cherish harmony and poise. For an accessory that truly makes a statement, line the new

14k white gold ESSENCE bangle with charms that symbolise all the qualities you hold dear, from CURIOSITY to HAPPINESS and CREATIVITY.

If versatility is what drives you, then fall for PANDORA’s transformable jewels and locket in sterling silver. The Dazzling Poetic Droplets earrings are convertible from on-trend shimmering ear jackets to sophisticated studs; the geometric Art Deco-inspired Vintage Allure drop earrings work from day-to-evening effortlessly; while the PANDORA Floating Locket boasts free-moving petite elements within two panes of sapphire glass.


Abstract expressions of nature’s wonders also lead the way for the winter collection, which highlights the frosty beauty of the landscape and cosmic allure of the night skies with complementary textures, captivating shapes, and nuances of brilliant blue.

Comprising a statement ring, a pendant necklace and stud earrings, the hand-finished Patterns of Frost jewellery series reflects the minimalist mood of winter and the trend
for mixed stone cuts. The Entwined bangle and matching hoop earrings evoke a starry galaxy with its looping lines of smooth and stone-embellished sterling silver.

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In a nod to classic jewellery beloved during the holiday season, PANDORA has also conjured up vintage-inspired creations replete with timeless pearls, such as the Elegant Beauty ring and matching earrings; the Vintage Night Sky dangle charm featuring a star-shaped cubic zirconia against a night sky motif in midnight blue enamel; and the Timeless Elegance ring with Danube-cut cubic zirconia cradled by 14k gold.

An entire array of playful and adorable Christmas-motif charms ranging from a snowman and a gingerbread man, to snowflakes and even Santa on a sleigh, lend a finishing touch of festive cheer to PANDORA’s winter offerings.Now, all that’s left to do is to carefully assemble your chosen cast of charms, bracelets and jewellery, and let them do all the talking for you.

By Yanni Tan

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