Alex Landi broke the internet—again—as the starry-eyed astronaut in Doja Cat and SZA’s trippy video for Kiss Me More. 

The song by Travis Scott collaborator Roger TK and Doja’s team of Yeti Beats has a lighthearted vibe that’s reminiscent of her chart-topping hit Say So. The music video directed by Warren Fu, features the 28-year-old Grey’s Anatomy actor as a space jock who crash-lands on a fantastical planet where Doja and SZA are giant beings—think Lana Del Rey in her Doin’ Time video. He’s seen steering a kayak down a river when he gets hypnotised by Doja and SZA’s siren songs. The dreamlike scene continues, leading Landi toward a pair of giant lips. 

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We then see the actor suspended in a large chamber, with his space suit sitting on the ground emitting a radio warning telling him not to engage with the planet’s inhabitants—a little too late, if you ask us. As it turns out, Landi gets digitally transported into a video game that Doja and SZA are playing, commenting comically as they go on, “what’s the name of that planet? E-A-R-T-H?”.

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More On Alex Landi

Landi has quickly replaced Patrick Dempsey as the ABC hit show’s resident McDreamy when he was introduced in the show’s fifteenth season. The New York-native of Korean and Italian descent plays Dr Nico Kim on the television series, and even has a steamy onscreen romance with his co-star Jake Borelli (Dr Levi Schmidt).

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On the surface, Landi has everything going for him—a recurring role on Shonda Rhime’s hit television series, a chiseled physique and smouldering eyes that could stop any woman (or man) in their tracks. But there’s more to him than his beguiling looks. In a previous interview with an American publication, Landi talked about the intersectionality of his role—a gay Asian-American who’s out and proud on a successful television drama— and the significance of it; something he hopes his fans would also focus on.

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Prior to his television debut, Landi was enrolled at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York. He’s also an expert in martial arts, which explains his Adonis-like physique.

Every television hottie (think: KJ Apa, Gavin Leatherwood and Charles Melton) have a few recurring themes on their Instagram: Shirtless pictures, (more) shirtless pictures of them exercising, and (yes, more) shirtless pictures of them in nature—as is their prerogative. What sets Landi apart from the aforementioned hotties is that he pulls us in with his shirtless cooking videos.

As if we didn’t already have enough reasons to fall in love with Landi, he’s a Libra. Which means he’s romantic, loyal, attentive and extremely patient—traits anyone would fall in love with.