Coat, Bottega Veneta. Bracelet; ring, FRED. Photo: Zhang Minhua and Jeremy Kieran / Telescope Studios

A few years ago, Dew Jirawat Sutivanichsak, 22, would have told you how he found his 1.9m frame a great inconvenience. “I used to be really self-conscious about my height because I’d be blocking people at concerts. When I take the train or bus in Thailand, I usually hit the top of the vehicle, and I would have to bend down,” he chuckles. But his towering stature would open doors to the world of modelling and, later, acting. Dew’s journey to stardom began when he was approached for photoshoots, eventually leading him to model for local Thai brands. “I never thought about being a model,” he admits, “But my height became my advantage.”

Then he was asked to audition for the role of Ren in F4 Thailand. Though he had never considered acting before, he was intrigued and gave it a shot. After reading the script, Dew found that he shared common traits with the character of Ren. “Both of us have a shy and quiet disposition, and we deeply cherish the people close to us.” Also like Ren, he does not readily express his feelings, and prefers to show it through subtle actions instead. Being able to relate to the character in so many areas made it easier for the novice actor to slip into the role.

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I never thought about being a model, but my height became my advantage.

If not for his accidental detour into the entertainment industry, Dew night have pursued a career as an artist or painter, citing his father, who had a passion for art, as the influence. “I took classes and attended drawing sessions with different groups of people who also love to draw,” he says. His favourite subject to sketch are faces. Away from the camera, he is a doting cat dad to his two beloved felines, a Scottish Fold and a Munchkin. People have commented that he is aloof, like a cat too. “People say I am like a cat because I value my alone time. But I do enjoy spending time with others as well,” he protests, with a smile.

As an actor, he tries for the same level of mastery he has achieved with his drawing. As he puts it: “My goal is to constantly grow and improve as an actor, just as I have with my art. I love the process of stepping into different characters and bringing their stories to life – it is a truly fulfilling experience.”

Photographed by Zhang Minhua and Jeremy Kieran / Telescope Studios
Creative direction by Windy Aulia
Styled by Gracia Phang
Producer: Navin Pillay
Makeup: Pornpichit Khum-Nguen and Yothin Chuaysri
Hair: Thanupol Phoothepamornkul and Akkarapong Punkaew
Photographer’s assistant: Leonard Wong
Stylist’s assistant: Brandon Chia
Floral Design: Lilac Summers
Fashion: Bottega Veneta
Jewellery: FRED