Jeremy Tan (Photo: Mark Law)

He may have nearly three decades of industry experience under his belt, but stylist to the stars Jeremy Tan will have you know that fashion isn’t his only love. He’s also passionate about travel—so much so, in fact, that the fashion director, who’s a youthful-looking 57, says he’d most likely be in the hotel industry if he weren’t in fashion. His only life philosophy (and probably the reason for his youthful appearance) is to always “think positively and be happy”—wise words to live by, no matter your age. 

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The Power Of Grooming

Photo: 123RF

“A good haircut—keep to a fresh and clean-cut look—will always earn you style points. It doesn’t hurt to put some effort into your daily dressing too.” 

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Men Need Skincare Too

Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Eye Cream EX, $228 for 20ml, Sulwhasoo

“My routine involves a face wash, a toner, a Sulwhasoo eye cream and a moisturiser.” 

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Favourite Designer

Yohji Yamamoto (Photo: Showbit)

“I love Yohji Yamamoto for his timelessness and his unique point of view. Of course, he’s very stylish as well.” 

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Fashion Tips

Tan proves that casual wear can be stylish too (Photo: Jeremy Tan)

“Don’t try too hard and don’t follow trends blindly. Also, try to keep your colour palette to the minimum—preferably not more than two hues.”

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Best-Loved Destination

The Ameyoko shopping street in Tokyo, which is also home to many street-food stalls. (Photo: 123RF)

“That would be Toyko—it’s also where I indulge in my guilty pleasure: Japanese food.” 

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Favoured Scent

Santal 33 EDP, $390 for 100ml, Le Labo

“Le Labo’s Santal 33, for sure.”

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The Way To Overcoming A Creative Block

Watch a movie, like South Korean hit Parasite, to relax the mind and reduce stress.

“… is to have a cup of coffee and watch a movie.” 

Style Inspo

Nick Wooster is well known for his impeccable street style. (Photo: Showbit)

“When it comes to style, I look to Italian fashion designer Stefano Pilati and American fashion consultant Nick Wooster.” 

Lessons From Work

Tan at work, styling veteran Singaporean actress Zoe Tay. (Photo: Jeremy Tan)

“Being in the fashion industry has taught me self-confidence and how to create my own unique style.” 

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Tan’s home, which he decorated himself. (Photo: Jeremy Tan)

“This may come as a surprise, but I’m quite shy in public and very much a homebody!”