Nathan Hartono

Cool, collected and at times philosophical, Singapore’s sweetheart Nathan Hartono saw his career hit new heights when he was the first runner-up of a talent show in China back in 2016. The singer, who lent his voice to this year’s National Day theme song, just released a Chinese EP and new music video for his English song “Dig Deep” on YouTube. 

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What’s In A Phone?

“Mine has got lots of random notes filled with incoherent nonsense. And lots of voice notes filled with the same incoherent nonsense.” 

Style Dreams

Yung Raja

In The Shopping Cart

“I bought a bunch of things from COS before a photo shoot. 

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Secret Obsession

Photo: 123RF

“I watch a lot of MMA (mixed martial arts).” 

Culinary Triumph

Nathan Hartono
Photo: Nathan Hartono

“I made sous vide chicken breast and soba, served with a homemade relish of spring onions, wakame, cucumber, garlic and sesame oil.”

Daily Uniform

“Mostly sandals these days, really.” 

Last Holiday

“I went to LA and Mexico with my family. It was early this year, before the pandemic blew up. It was a magical trip. We had been to LA before, but exploring Mexico was definitely a highlight—it’s so full of colour and spirit.” 

On The Reading List

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer, Y: The Last Man by Brian K. Vaughan and You’re a Miracle (and a Pain in the Ass) by Mike McHargue.”

First Memory Of Fashion

“I’d say pretty early on, at 14, when I started performing.
I didn’t know what I liked yet, but I knew what I didn’t like. It took me awhile to figure out and finesse my personal style, which prioritises comfort and colours.”