8 Korean Influencers To Follow For Menswear Inspiration
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From Capri and Paris to New York and Shanghai, fashion influencers have risen to fame on Instagram through their signature styles and disarming personalities. And on a global platform like Instagram where there are no territorial borders, personalities who take what the fashion world-at-large give them and translate them into their own style have reigned supreme.

One group that has excelled at that globally are the Korean male influencers. They combine the nation’s signature K-Beauty aesthetic—perfectly groomed; flawless, glowing skin with perfectly shaped eyebrows as well as hair that’s been coiffed with almost surgical precision—with popular menswear trends, but interpreted in an unconventional manner. This is not to say that the styles are not wearable. In fact, it’s quite the complete opposite. The styles in which these Korean male influencers have displayed in their carefully curated feed are covetable commodities.

Below, we’ve rounded up the top 8 Korean male influencers to follow for style inspirations.

1. Choi Jin-heon

With 574k followers (and counting), Choi Jin-heon is giving us Thom Browne vibes in this photo. While his style person isn’t quite definitive—and that’s what we like about him—Choi is not afraid to try ’em all, from louche all-black outfits reminiscent of Hedi Slimane‘s signature style to Virgil Abloh‘s contemporary cool streetwear aesthetic. And he does it with finesse.

2. Sang-hyuk Kwon

If you have been putting time at the gym and want to know how to dress up and still show off your physique (or in this case, abs), let Sang-hyuk Kwon show you how.

3. Joo Woo-jae

Joo Woo-jae, a South Korean male model, gives us the perfect model-off-duty style inspiration through his Instagram.

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4. Nam Joo-hyuk

Nam Joo-hyuk, better known by his online moniker @skawngur, is also a South Korean model, actor and a favourite of French luxury label Dior Men. Although he’s now best known for his editorial covers, fashion spreads and his own styling, Nam originally aspired to be a basketball player. Follow him for a dose of high-meets-low fashion inspiration.

5. Jang Ki-yong

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South Korean model and actor Jang Ki-yong is best known for his role in the television series Confession Couple, My Mister and Kill It. Similar to Nam Joo-hyuk, his Instagram feed is filled with editorial images mixed with candid lifestyle shots.

6. Sunghoon Jang

Considered one of the original Korean male fashion influencers who shot to fame with his insanely good looks Sunghoon Jang has come a long way since his early days online. Nicknamed “Handsome Tutor”he still retains his ’90s aesthetics but elevated with contemporary cool separates. He’s also a model, so expect candid behind-the-scenes look at his upcoming projects on his profile.

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7. Ethan Sol

Lee Deunsol’s style codes lean towards Scandi-chic than quintessential South Korean fashion, but we love his look nonetheless. Better known as Ethan Sol, his most recent batch of photographs is a lesson on how to do tropical style right.

8. Jay Jang


You could call Jay Jang an ingenue because of his number of followers, but the South Korean model is making hearts race with is disarming smile, camera-ready poses and versatile looks.

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