Man With Style: George Lee, Tech Support Lead

Photo: Courtesy

“Look good, feel good” is an axiom that holds true for George Lee. Describing his style—and personality— as an amalgamation of tunes that include the likes of “A Day in the Life”, “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Paranoid Android”, the 44-year-old tech support lead defies the techie stereotype with a relaxed and experimental-yet-understated aesthetic that emanates effortless cool. Inspired by Doug Bihlmaier (the long-standing vintage buyer for Ralph Lauren), he believes that you don’t need the latest clothes to look good and, accordingly, aims to incorporate worn-out
and lived-in vintage pieces into his look. 

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First Love

Star Wars: Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back by Archie Goodwin, from $34,

“I’m very fond of Star Wars, particularly The Empire Strikes Back, which was the first Star Wars movie I saw at the cinema. The spectacle of the lumbering AT-AT Walkers attacking the Snowspeeders definitely made a lasting impression.” 

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Style Icon

Takahiro Kinoshita, Creative Director at Fast Retailing Global Creative Lab Tokyo. (Photo: Showbit)

“I think Takahiro Kinoshita is really snazzy. I love how he wears both formal and casual looks with such ease. I hope I age as gracefully too.” 

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Favourite Designer

Junya Watanabe Fall 2020
Junya Watanabe fall/winter 2020 (Photo: Showbit)

“I like Junya Watanabe—he has this amazing ability to turn utilitarian garments into something extraordinary.” 

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Most Treasured Item  

Engineered Garments spring/ summer 2021. (Photo: Courtesy)

“My most beloved piece is an Engineered Garments shirt with a mandarin collar that’s cut like a workwear jacket and made of white lace—I love the juxtaposition of tough and delicate.” 

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First Fashion Want

Pouch, $90 (Photo: Íxi:z)

“As a teenager, I remember wanting an Íxi:z pouch.”

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Style ≠ Fashion

George Lee
Lee in a Blue Blue Japan jacket, Uniqlo vest and jeans, with a KAPITAL bandana adding a touch of Americana. (Photo: Courtesy)

“To me, fashion is whatever that is on trend; style, though, is timeless. I think of dressing up as a form of cosplay—you project a certain image or character based on what you’re wearing.” 

If Time Travel Were Possible…

The old and new sides of Singapore. (Photo: 123RF)

“If I could choose an era to go back to, it’d be the ’50s to mid-1960s— Singapore’s pre-independence years. It’d be quite interesting to have first-hand experience of the contrast between then and now.” 

Go-To Brand  

Sweater,$1,500, Gucci x The North Face

“I look to The North Face for my everyday wardrobe. I’ve been living in the brand since the circuit-breaker period.”

Most Fascinating Place On Earth

view of Everest from Gokyo with tourist on the way to Everest base camp - Nepal
The world’s highest peak, Mount Everest, crowns the Himalayan range. (Photo: 123RF)

“There’s nothing more captivating than the Himalayas; they made me realise that humans are truly insignificant in the greater scheme of things.”