12 Times Rain Showed Us He's Here To Stay (And Slay)
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Jung Ji-hoon, or more popularly known as Rain, rose to fame in 2002 with his solo debut, after a commercially unsuccessful attempt at boyband career in the late ’90s. Fast-forward two decades and two kids later, he’s still one of the most recognisable names in South Korean entertainment and around the world, owns his own talent company an MTV Awards and several sold-out concerts under his belt.

Recently, it was announced that the chart-topping singer and actor has joined I-Land, an upcoming idol reality television program on Mnet (South Korean pay television channel) as a producer. The show is by Belif Lab in partnership with Big Hit Entertainment. By the way, at 38 years old, he still weighs the same as he did when he was 20 and shows no sign of slowing down.

Here, we track the number of times he has reminded us (courtesy of Instagram) why he’s still one of the hottest South Korean stars of all time.

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1. Pose

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Unreleased photos from @HarpersBazaarKorea shoot

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In a recent editorial spread by Harper’s BAZAAR Korea, the pop star shows off his washboard abs and chiselled physique after lost 10kg in three months from intense tabata workouts.

2. #GangChallenge

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#깡챌린지 #GangChallenge

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His 2017 single ‘Gang’ was criticised by Korea Times as an “overly bombastic production, cringe-inducing choreography and mannerisms, and self-absorbed lyrics.” Needless to say, the single flopped. But thanks to the internet and meme culture, his choreography became an online dance challenge, which once again put him in the spotlight. Naturally, he took this opportunity to remind us what a lean, mean, dancing machine he really is.

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3. Business As Usual

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Here he is, just casually sipping on his drink and “chillin”.

4. Dance Club

Remember those washboard abs and dancing skills we mentioned? You’re welcome.

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5. Hustler

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Not quite Jennifer Lopez as Ramona in the 2019 Hollywood film Hustlers, but Rain is keeping up with appearances and still working hard.

6. Dinner For Two?

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There’s nothing sexier than a man preparing a meal with such finesse.