From driving a taxi and avenging victims on screen to promoting his latest series in an actual taxi, Korean actor Lee Je-Hoon shares tidbits of his experience as the lead in hit series Taxi Driver at a press conference earlier today at Sentosa’s Hard Rock Hotel.

Photo: Courtesy of Viu

Lee held his first fan-meet on our sunny shores, but the star revealed that this isn’t his first visit in the last year. 

Since Covid-19 flight restrictions to and from Korea were lifted, Lee made two personal trips to Singapore but kept things low-key – even his wardrobe. 

“Usually, when I walk around Singapore, I wear shorts and a T-shirt with flip flops,” said Lee.

Of course, this time is much different. The suave actor took the stage in an all-black suit and boots to promote the second season of the drama-thriller where he plays Kim Do-Gi, a stoic vigilante who operates undercover as a taxi driver. 

Lee said he is grateful for the opportunity to reprise his role and share more scenes with his co-stars, but this has brought upon a new challenge that he did not face when filming season one.

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Photo: Courtesy of Viu

“There are so many scenes where I have meetings with the Rainbow Team in the basement, having discussions together on the next project and it was really hard to hold my character because I was having so much fun on the inside and I had to force myself to calm down,” said Lee.

Kim Do-Gi’s daredevil personality also seeps into Lee’s personal life, especially when it comes to driving, because the actor does many of the stunts seen on the show, making hard turns, swerves and even drifting. 

“All these experiences made me realise that I learnt something really dangerous, so when I drive, I try to tell myself that I am not Do-Gi and I shouldn’t do what he did – but sometimes, it just pops out,” said Lee. 

The actor also shared that he often takes taxis or private hire cars on Grab or Uber to explore the city after his official promotion schedule for the show, but he isn’t recognised till the end of the ride when he thanks the driver.

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Photo: Courtesy of Viu

When asked if he could drive any celebrity in his own cab, he immediately brought up American actors Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise.

“When I heard the question, it reminded me of the movie ‘Collateral’ and there, Jamie Foxx is the passenger and Tom Cruise is the killer and I was thinking that kind of situation could be fun.”

While the charismatic actor is unlikely to get behind the wheel during this trip, he is thrilled to be back in one of his favourite countries to meet the fans, and he’s looking forward to more opportunities to return.

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