1) Eating a sandwich while wearing lipstick should be an Olympic sport. Good luck emerging without Ruby Woo all over your chin and nose.

2) Trying on clothes in the fitting room must be done with the utmost precision. There’s nothing worse than that guilty smudge of red all over the inside collar of a white dress.

3) That moment when you try to kiss an acquaintance’s cheek and accidentally rub color on the other person’s face…

4) Not to mention kissing your significant other on the lips. Stick to a nude shade (or better, Chapstick) for date night.

5) The constant refrain: “Did I just smudge my lipstick all over my face?”

better to celebrate late than never ??

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6) The horror of accidentally getting it all over your teeth. Stop staring and tell me already! 7) Slathering Vaseline on your lips at night to deal with dryness and peeling. Pain is beauty. 8) Not wanting to wear off the imprint on your latest purchase. The TF on Tom Ford’s Bruised Plum is so chic. 9) When the cap falls off in your bag and the interior looks like a murder scene. You’re on a first-name basis with the receptionist at Leather Spa. 10) Spending hours in the mirror perfecting your cupid’s bow. You can draw it on in the back of a dim cab now—sorta.

11) Searching for the right liner to match your lipstick is akin to the search for the Holy Grail. There are so many different shades of red!

12) The embarrassment of leaving smears all over your wine glass. This is a social faux pas, isn’t it?

13)  Running out of your favorite shade is equivalent to a state of emergency. Sure, you have 30 similar colors in your makeup drawer, but this still requires a dash to the nearest Sephora.​

14) You spend at least 20% of your day reapplying. And you never leave the house without a compact.

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