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Just like a red lip look, a red mani is a power statement. It’s great worn alone, but intrinsic designs and elaborate nail jewels really take the classic red polish to the next level. For this Valentine’s Day — or any time really — go all out. Here, our edit of Instagram’s best red nail art looks:

  1. 1. Make It Matte

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    Something extra for the finger that does all the texting 📱

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  3. There’s something so alluring about a nail look that doesn’t have the conventional shine. Choose one finger for some negative space action for something a little extra.

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  1. 2. Mix And Match

Red, nude, and lilac make for such a pretty color combo. Mix and match colors and designs on each finger for something really fun.

3. Cherry Paint

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We are obsessed with how adorable these cherry decals are. Paint against a bare nail so that they really stand out.

4. Gold Foil

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Foil finds its softer side in organic, delicate shapes.

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The metallic shine softens a deep red shade and hits that sweet spot of a delicate yet bold nail look.

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5. Full Bloom

We can pretend the flowers are starting to bloom — at least on our nails. This pretty design is the perfect nail art to prep us for warmer days.

6. Bold Tips And Jewel

If you’re looking to up the anté in the nail art game, add some jewels

7. Cardinal And Gold

We can’t get enough of gold foil. If you want something more subtle, apply the metallic shine to one or two nails on each hand

8. Negative Space

Thank the beauty gods for the trend that is negative space nails. The minimalist in us feels seen and you can wear it all year round.

9. Red Sparkle

Glitter is an easy way to elevate a plain manicure. Keep it all in the same color family for a dynamic red nail.

10. Wild Child

We love a good leopard print. Paint it against a shiny red-orange background to make it really pop.

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11. Moon Shine

The moon shape nail trend is forever a staple. Dress it up with some gold sparkle to really shine.

12. Paint Splatter

If you’re looking for something a little less polished, take a contrasting color and splatter it all over a red base

13. Geometric Shapes

Even if math wasn’t our best subject in school, we can appreciate the pretty shapes we learned in geometry.

14. Throw On Some Flannel

Who doesn’t like a good plaid? Wear one of our favorite prints well beyond the falls season on your nails.

15. Gradient Nails

When in doubt, go ombré. Mix red and white together for an interesting color combo and add some glitter for a finishing touch.

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