The New Way to Wear 1980s Makeup Looks
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Big brows. Technicolor eyeshadow. Endless blush. If you can’t already tell, we’re talking about the ’80s. The makeup looks that dominated the decade are memorable even now; think Madonna’s red lips and beauty mark, Grace Jones’s neon lids and draped blush, or Brooke Shields’ brilliantly bold eyebrows. Iconic, right? And they’re still worthy of imitation, if you ask us—though we do love a modern twist on any look. Below, the best ‘80s-inspired makeup looks and tutorials, for an updated take on the decade’s whimsical beauty.

1. Sculpted Blush

Lightbulb-bright shades can appear blocky without proper blending, but Lisa Eldridge details exactly how to create a seamless and air-bushed look—which yes, includes lots of colour and all-over blush.

2. Smouldering Eyes

With smouldering shadow applied high up toward the brows, this glam look from makeup legend Pat McGrath is retro-inspired in the best way possible. To pull it off, go easy on the blush and keep your base sheer, glowy, and skin-like.

3. Glowy & Colourful

Makeup artist Dillon Del Toro shows how to bring together purple lids, glossy scarlet lips, and bright coral blush, even if that combination seems impossible to you now. (Side note: That Danessa Myricks cream shadow is going on our shopping list.)

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4. ’80s Rocker

You can see the inspiration—striped blush, pushed-up brows—right off the bat. But a pinky nude lip, neon cut crease, and faux lashes feel current, and the stud-like under-eye detail is a chic take on punk.

4. Modern ’80s

NikkieTutorials‘ ’80s makeup tutorial does ring true for the decade—clock the shiny red lip, noticeable blush, and colourful eyeshadow. Her blending (and Instagram-perfect brows) make it more modern, though.

6. Colour Theory

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Makeup artist Sam Visser—who works with supermodels like Bella Hadid—is known for his modern take on retro makeup classics. Take inspo from this look and wear coordinating and bold eye, lip, and cheek colours all at once. Looking for more stunning retro ideas? Head to his Instagram.

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7. Blending & Bangs

Inspired by Milani’s Salt-N-Pepa collection and a picture of Naomi Campbell, YouTuber Too Much Mouth shows how to coordinate a flawless makeup look with show-stopping bangs. Since this is the ’80s, and you do need both.

8. Blushing Brights

Fluffy brows, matte eyeshadow, bold blush—this look combines all our favourite beauty moments into one that’s just plain gorgeous and timeless. You would look just as cool wearing this in 1988 and 2021.

9. 1-Minute Blush

Blush can make or break an ’80s look. This one-minute tutorial showcases how to connect your eye colour with dramatically draped blush. No matter your schedule, you have time to watch this one.

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10. Bright, But Subtle

Dipping into blue eyeshadow or liner works as another low-key way to give any look an ’80s vibe (without an over-the-top feel). This wearable look from Rowi Singh delivers the colour story.

11. Glossy Draping

If you want to try draping but you’re a fan of a glossy look, here’s how to pull it off. We love how it looks when paired with a blurry lip in the same colour family.

12. Graphic Colour

These geometric and editorial looks from makeup artist Kabuki aren’t, you know, practical. But you should use them as inspiration if you need help venturing out from your regular nude eyeshadow palette, especially if you’re dressing up with the intention of looking totally ’80s.

This article originally appeared on Harper’s Bazaar US.