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This is no breezy cycle ride through the park. Expect a full-intensity cardio workout that activates all muscle groups—from pumping your legs on high-resistance pedals to synchronised bicep and tricep weight exercises. We’re sold by CruCycle’s ( The Pack Ride and 7Cycle’s ( Signature Cycle Class in hip studios that offer classes in the dark with colourful strobe lights, the hottest dance hits and music-themed sessions. The best bit? You can go at your own pace.


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Strike poses upside down like a pro with Antigravity Aerial classes at Upside Motion, which combines the benefits of yoga, dance and acrobatics to help strengthen core muscles. The key to this exercise is a seven-yard long silk hammock that supports and lifts you as you attempt handstands and mid-air flips. Upside Motion instructor Sophia Sng recommends going for two to three classes a week.