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What will yoga do for me? Instead of it being about losing weight, it should really be about feeling good in your body—then everything else will naturally happen.

What should we put in our fridge? I think it’s important for people to eat what makes them feel good and not to have one specific diet or rule to follow. But eating more fruits and vegetables and less processed food, as well as not eating meat at every meal, is a general rule I follow.

Tell us about FIT with Tara Stiles launched at all of the W Hotels… FIT with Tara Stiles is a curated in-room workout video designed for the needs of the W traveller. You can participate in workouts to help cure jet lag or hangovers, or just strike a pose in bed, on the couch or by the pool. A lot of it has to do with having fun, which is in line with my irreverent approach to yoga.

What’s your New Year resolution? To continue travelling the world and meeting people and sharing the idea that yoga doesn’t have to be about posing a certain way.

What keeps Tara Stiles smiling? Being able to connect and hear stories on how my approach to yoga is helping others. If someone comes up to me and goes, “I feel amazing because I did your videos” or “My back pain went away because of your style of yoga”—that keeps me satisfied as I feel like I’m doing something worthwhile.