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When working out with new moms, celebrity trainer Ramona Braganza’s goal is to progressively take them through three phases of workouts over a 12-week span. BBBGbegins with a 20-minute workout in Phase 1 that focuses on the core (and takes into consideration that time and energy with newborns is limited). Phase 2 ups the intensity with active cardio segments to start shedding the weight, and Phase 3 uses strength training to shape and tone. “The best part is that this program can be done in the comfort of your home with minimal equipment,” says Braganza. Practice the workouts below and you’ll have your body back in no time:

Stick Em Up

Begin standing with your back to the wall.

Lean against the wall, knees slightly bent, arms at a 90 degree angle, elbows and wrists touching.   

Slowly slide your arms up and down 6 inches. Do a maximum of 10-20 reps.


Begin standing  knees slightly bent, shoulders down and back holding a pair of water bottles.

Raise arms overhead in half a circle touching at the top and do 7 reps.

Next, raise arms to your sides at shoulder height and bring them forward as if hugging a tree. 

Return to your side and back down for 7 reps.

Finally, raise arms to your sides and lower for another 7 reps.

Butterfly Squat

Begin standing back to the wall, feet shoulder width apart,  holding a pair of water bottles.

Lean into the wall squatting as low as you can. 

Curl your arms as you simultaneously squeeze knees in and out. Repeat 10–20 reps.

Dolphin Plank 

Begin in a plank position squeezing palms and legs together. 

Shift  your torso back by raising your hips to form an upside down V. 

Pause, then lower back to plank. Repeat 5 times.


Begin lying on the ground, arms and legs stretched out. 

Simultaneously raise your torso and legs, pause, and then lower. Repeat 5 times

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From: Harper’s BAZAAR US