Of all the finishes of lip colours, metallic lipsticks or lip glosses seem to be the most underrated of the lot. And while most people think of matte lipstick for a dramatic effect, or glossy lips for a fuller look, metallic lipsticks seldom make it to the top of your mind when reaching for a lippie to put on. Whether it’s because you think they are reserved for “special occasions” or you’re worried about not being able to pull them off, here are some simple tips you can utilise to keep those fears at bay.

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#1: Prep Your Lips
Nothing ruins a perfectly good lip look more than a dry and chapped base. To ensure smooth application and maximum wear, slather on a thick layer of lip balm onto lips and leave it on for about 10 minutes before gently rubbing your lips with a baby toothbrush or a damp washcloth. This removes the dead skin cells to reveal smoother, plumper lips. Don’t forget to line your lips before applying your lip colour to prevent it from feathering beyond your lip edges.

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#2: Start With Neutrals
Before you dive into the deep end, dip your toes into this look by first experimenting with neutrals. Depending on your skin tone, opt for a shade that matches your complexion. The variation of textures in an otherwise nude look makes it interesting while still enabling you to stay within your comfort zone.

#3: Go Easy
If you’re prepared to incorporate colours into your metallic look, start small by applying the metallic shade only on the centre of the lips. This creates a point of emphasis, not unlike dabbing clear gloss in the middle of your lips to draw attention to them and make them appear fuller. Just remember to dab and blend out so the frosted effect doesn’t look stark.

#4: Perfect Your Complexion
When your lips are this reflective, it’s important to make sure it pops against a flawless base. So take the time to dab on concealer where needed to neutralise sallowness, reduce the appearance of dark circles and cover up zits. And don’t forget to set it with a mattifying powder so your complexion doesn’t grease up within a matter of hours.

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#5: Keep The Rest Of Your Makeup Simple
When your lips command this much attention, it’s important to pare things down on the rest of your face. A light veil of blush to add colour to your cheeks is all you need and avoid going too crazy with the highlighter. For the eyes, stick to a graphic black flick for definition without rivalling your lips.

Now that you know how to wear the metallic lip look with confidence, here are the best metallic lip colours to get your hands on:

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