Juicing companies are sprouting up as quickly as cafés on our tiny island—there’s always someone on your Instagram feed that is on a cleanse and raving about it. With a slew of benefits such as a nourished colon, increased mental clarity and energy, and a glowing complexion, these cleanses are going to stay around for some time to come. Think of it as an exfoliating scrub for your insides.

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This cleanse helps with weight loss, better skin and an extra dose of stamina. There’s the option of a one-, three- or five-day cleanse ($108 to $528) and the juices get greener at more advanced levels. The added bonus? A personal concierge anytime you need some motivation. www.hicjuice.com.sg

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Get rid of toxins quick with this new juice cleanse from Hong Kong, which only offers a three-day weekday or weekend programme ($330) as they believe it offers the best results. Its fruity, breakfast juices are the best thing to wake up to. www.punchdetox.com.sg


This vegetable-based programme is ideal for individuals who like a routine, and happens to be a favourite of Miranda Kerr. A set of six raw juices, consume from one to six days ($120 to $660), and look forward to more restful sleep. www.luckyyoucleanse.

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Syndicate Juice ($105 for a one-day Mini Cleanse, $310 for a three-day Signature Cleanse) is the first in Singapore to use the Goodnature X1 Cold-Press Juicer.
The benefits? Power juices that retain all vitamins and minerals during the extraction process. www.syndicatejuice.com

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Coconut water regulates blood pressure, ups hydration levels and increases immunity as it’s chock full of nutrients and vitamins. Try COCOLOCO’s version ($32++ for a pack of six)—raw, fresh and “pure” as the team puts it. www.cocoloco.sg