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Photo: Sean Cunningham

1) Give up potato chips. “All processed foods can cause inflammation in the body, leading to conditions such as rosacea, arthritis, fibromyalgia, pancreatitis, gall stones, fatty liver, yellowing or grayish whites of your eyes and cellulite,” says Ciminelli, who gives clients a list of skin-healthy foods after each appointment. “Fiber-rich foods are essential for clear skin: Think apples, prunes and, my favorite underdog, seaweed—it’s an anti-inflammatory that fights redness and pimples.” On the top of her list of foods to cut out: Potato chips. “They have no goodness whatsoever.”

2) Try reflexology. In a perfect world, money and time concerns aside, Ciminelli recommends getting a deep pore cleansing, hydrating facial and reflexology treatment on a regular basis. “In my opinion, reflexology is essential for a healthy body and good skin. The ancient foot treatment really helps improve overall health and well-being while contributing to radiant skin on happy relaxed faces.”

3) Double-cleanse at night. “Cleansing at night needs to be very thorough—I use two different cleansers at night and only one in the morning. Using a washcloth is important when you cleanse, as is washing with warm water and rinsing with cool.”

4) Change your pillowcase often. “Your skin needs to be nourished and deeply hydrated during the night when it’s rubbing against a cotton pillowcase and your pillowcase should be changed every couple of days to prevent breakouts.”

5) Ditch tinted moisturizers. “I’m against them,” says Ciminelli. “I think the skin absorbs the pigments, which is not good for your body. Your liver has enough problems trying to neutralize the toxins you are breathing in and ingesting.”

6) Get rid of pimples with herbs. To clear up a breakout quickly, Ciminelli recommends cleansing your face thoroughly, then steaming your pores with water infused with rosemary, thyme and oregano. “After a few minutes, with impeccably clean hands, wrap tissue around your index fingers and very gently press out the impurities. Cleanse again and then use a good antiseptic toner or my Seawater.” Don’t stop there, though: Drink a large glass of water with one tablespoon of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar infused into it (then rinse to protect tooth enamel) followed by a cup of Smooth Move Tea by Traditional Medicine. “A blocked colon is one of the major causes of breakouts,” she says.