7 Alternative Uses For Your Beauty Products
Photo: Getty

Most of us take a very literal approach to our beauty products. Blusher is used to give you a healthy, rosy glow; hair spray is used to fix flyaways; and conditioner is used after you’ve shampooed to leave hair feeling silky smooth. But what if they could be used around the house? Here are seven unexpected ways to use your beauty products…

1. Use your trusty straighteners… to iron your clothes

From shirt cuffs and sleeves to the hemming on your trousers, straighteners can be quicker than plugging in the iron.

2. Use hair spray… to keep flowers fresh

To keep your flowers alive for longer, spritz the underside of your cut stems to seal in the moisture.

3. Use conditioner… as fabric softener 

Hair conditioner works in the same way as your fabric softener and leaves your laundry smelling fresh.

4. Use nail polish… to stop jewellery tarnishing

A thin veil of your top coat or clear polish onto your costume jewellery to stop it tarnishing and turning your skin green.

5. Use face wipes… to clean your keyboard

Forget trying to blow the dust and dirt out of your computer or laptop keyboard; a face wipe will get the job done in seconds.

6. Use old make-up sponges… to help feed your plants

Placing a wet sponge at the bottom of a pot-plant will help it to retain moisture.

7. Use an old mascara wand… to clean your jewellery

Empty (and washed) mascara brushes with their small bristles are perfect for cleaning smaller spaces such as the tiny details of your jewellery.

From: Harper’s BAZAAR US