Having a fragrance wardrobe… Fragrance is one of my passions, and whenever I travel I find the time to seek out exotic scents from all around the world. It is like a private collection to me; one that evokes both memories and also dreams.

Eros pour Femme… When a woman wears this, I want her to feel empowered. The top notes of Sicilian lemon and Calabrian bergamot are like love at first sight; that instant attraction. The middle notes of jasmine give the scent its femininity, with peony petals adding a special softness and lemon flower for luminous brightness. Then, sensual woods like sandalwood and musk bring dramatic complexities of passion and power, perfectly capturing the mix of emotions and drives that define a woman today.


Inspirations… Many of the icons of Versace are women known around the world, such as Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga or Jennifer Lopez. But then, there are so many young people whom I see on the street, or on their social media feeds, and how they wear Versace in their own way is such an important inspiration for me.

Beauty secrets… Simple: always laugh; always be yourself; always have confidence. And always wear fragrance from the moment you get up. I am never without it.