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If you’ve seen Alicia Vikander’s body in the Tomb Raider reboot then you undoubtedly want to know how she got into such excellent shape. And, lucky for you, her trainer, Magnus Lygdback has been sharing snippets of her progress.

“So many early mornings, so much hard work, so worth it,” Lygdback said about Vikander’s journey in one of the videos he posted, which sees her working out as the sun is rising, doing pull ups, weights, lunges and plenty of jumping.

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In another video, Vikander is seen lifting extremely heavy weights, of which her trainer said: “I was blown away by Alicia’s dedication and work ethic preparing for this role. Here she is curling 15kg dumbells like a champ.”

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The actress has previously opened up about how tough it was to get into such great shape for the movie – and how easy it was to lose it afterwards.

“It took about four months to get into shape and I had never lifted a thing with my arms before – I did ballet – and my trainer told me I was really underdeveloped,” she told Graham Norton on his talk show. “I thought the muscles would stay forever, but after three weeks of no training I lost it all.”

If you want to keep posted on how Vikander got into such excellent shape – and want to follow in her footsteps, keep an eye on Lygdback’s Instagram as he is posting week-by-week updates of the Tomb Raider workout. However, be warned, it is not for the faint hearted.

Alicia Vikander
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