chanel sublimage

1.It uses the best vanilla—Vanilla Planifolia

Carefully selected out of 117 known varieties of vanilla, the Vanilla Planifolia is grown on Chanel’s privately owned farm in Madagascar, is closely monitored round the clock and is harvested by hand.

chanel sublimage
Vanilla pods are picked by hand only during specific times. Photo: Courtesy of Chanel

2.The exquisite extraction techniques used

The lavish cream packs two key ingredients, Planifolia PFA and the new Éphémères of Planifolia. Ultra-precise technologies are used to harvest these precious extracts from the Vanilla Planifolia plant, namely Polyfractioning and Chrono-Extraction. On top of that, the pods have to be picked only during a very narrow window of time where the actives are at their most potent.

chanel sublimage
Chanel’s private vanilla farm, called The Shaders. Photo: Courtesy of Chanel

3.It targets cell activity down to a gene level

With years of epigenetics research under the Chanel lab’s belt, scientists have found that the new Éphémères of Planifolia supercharges the effects of Planifolia PFA on cellular activity. This means that not only do skin cells function better, they also last longer, which translates to improved skin firmness, more even skin tone and brighter, smoother skin.

chanel sublimage
The pristine conditions of the untouched Madagascan forest. Photo: Courtesy of Chanel

By Gaby Aw and Joyce Cheo