Awaken Your Skin’s Potential with Custom-Blended Products from mtm labo

As with fashion, skincare isn’t one-size-fits- all. Your skin, with all its quirks and needs, is unique—which is why having personalised skincare makes absolute sense. Delivering just that is Japanese skincare brand MTM Skincare, which recently rebranded as mtm labo as part of its 30th anniversary celebrations. With “labo” being an abbreviation for “laboratory” in Japanese, the new name is a homage to the place at the heart of the brand—a tip of the hat to both the small laboratory in each store where the customisation takes place as well as the research labs in which its Japanese scientific research team works.

With the brand revamp comes a complete makeover of the product packaging, with mtm labo tapping on the expertise of Kenya Hara, an acclaimed Japanese designer known for his work with MUJI. Continuing the clean, minimalist aesthetic of the previous all-white look, mtm labo fundamental series now comes in a deep green that reflects the brand’s strong appreciation for nature and continued pursuit of natural beauty as well as the botanical ingredients that form the backbone of all its bespoke offerings. With this refreshed pared-back design—which will appeal to the men as well—mtm labo seeks to let its products do all the talking.

custom-blended eye mask (comprising the custom‑blended eye expert essence, collagen pad highlight and collagen pad outline), $348

And speak for themselves they do, what with the quality ingredients, not to mention thought and care, that go into each formulation. “We recognise that every individual is unique and so, too, is the skin,” says Kelly Keak, Managing Director of mtm labo. Which is why, as with all things bespoke, every mtm labo journey begins with a one-on-one consultation, during which high-tech computerised system will be used to analyse your skin and pinpoint its needs. Skincare products will then be customised based on those results, for concoctions that work in your favour. “Inspired by the medicinal applications of oriental botanicals, we have carefully curated a special library of extracts comprising Chinese, Western and Japanese ingredients,” Keak explains. “Selected extracts are custom-blended into our skincare according to how they can help improve each client’s unique skin condition.”

Harnessing the healing and strengthening powers of botanical extracts drawn from the brand’s extensive library of plant-based ingredients—including cucumber, calendula, artichoke and ginseng root—the experts at mtm labo spare no effort in putting together unique formulas that cater to your skin’s specific needs and concerns at any one time. So lean back and watch your skin thrive with a personalised beauty routine that is uniquely yours.

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