Baby Boomer Nails
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If you’re someone who favours a more classic nail look, rather than the over the top nail trends that have been sweeping Instagram as of late (remember jelly nails?), you’ll be pleased to know this latest nail trend offers the perfect blend of minimal nail art and timeless style.

Also known as French ombré or French fade, the Baby Boomer nail trend is basically a new take on the classic French manicure. While the traditional French mani features a light pink base with defined, contrasting tips, baby boomer nails blend the pink and white together, creating a seamless, gradient effect.

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According to nail artist Jade Tang, who spoke to Refinery29, the trend was named after the post-WWII generation because it evolved from the classic French manicure and dates back to around the 1940s. During that time (the baby boomer years), it was popular to paint your nails in shades of white and pink.

The great thing about this trend is the ombré effect helps elongate your nails, and is the perfect style for fast-growing nails because the base colour is very close to your natural nail shade, making it hard to spot.

If you’re unsure of how to explain the look to your manicurist, keep scrolling for some Baby Boomer nail inspiration, which you can take to your next appointment.

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