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Models in an array of Wella’s Illumina Colour Japan hair dye shades

Over 200 hair stylists from Korea and Southeast Asia came to Singapore for the two-day World of Wella trade event at the Fullerton Bay Hotel. Headlining the event was world renowned hairstylist Rossano Ferretti, COTY Professional Beauty’s Global Brand Ambassador. With over 30 years of hairstyling experience and a passion to change the hair industry, Ferretti is the perfect maestro to educate a new generation of stylists on hair care and cutting technique and inspire them to change the lives of every client that sits in their chair.

Wella Professionals is passionate about pushing boundaries in research and development to create the best hair products. “We’re cosmetologising hair products, to treat your hair like you treat your skin,” said Ferretti. Which most men and women forget about, “It’s like when you use a toner, a moisturiser, an anti-aging cream, people are willing to spend $1,000 on a small jar of eye cream, but don’t want to pay $50 for a bottle of shampoo, that’s a perception that needs to change,” he added. Together with elevating the industry and having accessible and hardworking products, the goal of Wella Professionals is to create real beauty transformations.

world of wella singapore Rossano Ferretti coty
Rossano Ferretti, COTY Professional Beauty’s Global Brand Ambassador

Rossano Ferretti is the inventor of The Method Cut and commands the most expensive haircut in the world. “If you respect the hair, the hair will look great tomorrow and even better in a month’s time.” said Ferretti. He also came up with the balayage technique, “People were painting hair like walls, but hair is an organic thing in movement, and I changed the colouring technique.” With the belief in celebrating natural beauty and diversity, Ferretti has cut the hair of Kate Middleton, Jennifer Lawrence and Angelina Jolie. He shared more insight below:

What are some of the top products industry experts swear by?
Getting volume for your hair is great, and a volumising spray is always a must. But I choose protection first, then volume second. Women need to take care of their hair with their pace of lifestyle and weather.

What do you love most about Wella products?
My favourites are the colours. Wella is a colour academy and we’re working on the new colour campaign that will come out in Asia next year.

How do you come up with new hair ideas and concepts?
I cater to people’s needs. Millennials have a different lifestyle and demands. People are more conscious of what they want because they know more, but not really when it comes to hair.

How do you strike a balance between coming up with new ideas vs “The Method” which remains a classic till today?
The Method is always evolving. It allows you to do whatever you like with your hair, working with what it is and to suit your style. It’s not my haircut, it’s all about you.

Women in Asia are constantly faced with heat and humidity – what are your three must-have products to help us out?
Anti-frizz serum, oil-protector against heat and a hydrating mask.

What should a woman prepare before she gets a haircut?
She doesn’t need to prepare anything, it’s the hairstylist that must be prepared for the client. A consultation is key, for the hairstylist to know your style and beauty. If the hairstylist isn’t prepared to listen to you and get inspired by what you have, then you should walk out.

What is your secret to stay at the top of the game and the industry for decades?
I’m authentic.

What do you love about your job, and the business of hair?
I make people happy.

These Are The Hair Essentials You Need According To Rossano Ferretti’s Must-Haves

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