Photo: Dr Ci:Labo

Best Firming Serum: Dr. Ci:Labo Super100 EGF, $53 for 10ml, $129 for 30ml

Imagine being able to transform any of your regular moisturisers or serums into a turbo-boosted anti-ageing potion. Dr. Ci:Labo’s concentrated Super100 EGF serum does exactly that. As we age, the EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) in our skin decreases dramatically, resulting in the slowing down of the skin’s renewal rate. This means scars take a longer time to heal and pores appear more visible due to a loss of firmness.

This unique essence-serum is formulated with pure EGF and can be applied on its own (with just a few drops massaged onto the skin) before your regular serums and moisturisers, or mixed into your regular skincare. Its fragrance-, paraben-, artificial colouring- and mineral-oil-free formulation means it is also suitable for sensitive skin types.

Expect visible skin improvements like the lightening of acne scars, the reduced appearance of pores and brighter, more even-toned skin. What’s more, it also helps to delay the formation of wrinkles as it keeps the skin’s ability to renew itself at its peak.

Available at Dr. Ci:Labo, #B3-41 ION Orchard, Tel: 6238 8395

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