BAZAAR Beauty Awards 2020- Best Skin Smoothing Eye Product REERTH

Smoothing Eye Cream, $106, RE:ERTH

Are you a frequent smiler who is easily tickled? Or perhaps a habitual squinter or someone who customarily forgets to put on sunscreen before leaving the house? Well, newsflash: All these, coupled with age-related declines in the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin, can exacerbate crow’s feet and even cause early wrinkling around the eyes.

Targets eye concerns like wrinkles, puffiness and dullness

The good news: RE:ERTH’s Smoothing Eye Cream can help tackle the fine lines—and more—that result from both chronological ageing and photoageing. Powered by nature-derived actives, it is designed to work on the cellular level for visible transformation. Formulated in Denmark, the patented Water-Soluble Vitamin A helps realign collagen fibres to restore skin’s elasticity and structure while aiding healing and promoting natural moisturising for improved radiance. Eyeseryl, meanwhile, boosts microcirculation to de-puff and brighten.

Then there’s colostrum (aka first milk) obtained from Danish cows, which has glycoproteins that are known to improve fibroblast activity and thus, increase collagen levels and speeding up skin repair. It is also a rich source of immunoglobulin, which has antibacterial properties, and vitamins B and E—potent antioxidants that help counter and protect against UV-induced oxidative damage.

Working in tandem is turmeric root extract, which has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. Thanks to the multi-action active ingredients, this cream delivers a host of benefits that range from reducing the look of wrinkles to firming up skin and boosting overall radiance.

You may not be able to turn back the clock, but with the RE:ERTH Smoothing Eye Cream, you can rediscover a smoother, firmer, more luminous eye contour—so you have all the more reason to keep smiling.

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