Crystal Tomato Whitening Supplement®, $179 for 30 capsules, Crystal Tomato

Very often having “perfect skin” means a complexion free of redness and pigmentation. There are a lot of factors that contribute to blemishes that mar the complexion, but nothing is as damaging as the environment you are in. Pollution, ultraviolet (UV) damage and free radicals all affect the skin cells and contribute to premature skin ageing, which is why it’s important to equip your skin with everything it needs to defend itself against the elements.

Colour me impressed

Crystal Tomato Whitening Supplement is a unique oral beauty supplement that is clinically proven to improve melasma and other pigmentation problems. It is also the only skin whitening supplement that’s clinically proven in a study conducted at the National Skin Centre in Singapore, with results peer-reviewed by the US Journal of Pigmentary Disorders. The star ingredient of Crystal Tomato Whitening Supplement® is colourless carotenoids, a potent antioxidant that has high skin-brightening efficacy and is derived from non-GMO crystal tomatoes.

Unlike regular, pigmented carotenoids, Crystal Tomato carotenoids are colourless as they absorb UV radiation instead of the visible light spectrum. Hence colourless carotenoids have the unique ability to protect the skin against UV radiation and free radical damage. Oftentimes, carotenoids are extracted from oranges, tomatoes, papayas and pumpkins, and are marked by their distinctive orange colour. Consumption of these carotenoids in large amounts can sometimes leave an orange tint on the skin, which is why these crystal tomatoes are so groundbreaking—offering all the protection of these antioxidants without the dreaded discolouration.

Head-to-toe protection

Antioxidants help defend skin against free radicals, readily giving up their electrons to neutralise these free radicals and prevent them from damaging skin cells. By preventing oxidative stress on the skin, cells’ longevity is improved, leaving your complexion youthful and healthy.

Antioxidants also play a part in absorbing sun rays and protecting skin from UV damage. UVB rays have a shorter wavelength that triggers an immune response to the skin to produce melanin, while UVA penetrates the deeper parts of the skin with its longer wavelength and causes damage to the cells’ DNA. The Crystal Tomato Whitening Supplement helps protect the skin from burns and damage while improving the overall clarity and brightness of the skin.

Included in the formula is also L-cysteine, an amino acid responsible for the production of another antioxidant Glutathione that also binds with proteins to form collagen. Glutathione has properties that regulates skin pigment and break down melanin in order to give skin a brightening effect. At the same time, Glutathione can also improve skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Just one capsule a day can help defend your skin against the onslaught of daily aggressors and achieve a desired radiant complexion.

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