BAZAAR Beauty Awards 2021-Best Oral Supplement for Hydration-ORBIS DEFENCERA MUSCAT

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DEFENCERA Muscat, $54 for 30 sachets, ORBIS

As many experts will tell you, hydration is the key to supple skin. But oftentimes, it’s easier said than done. Hydration for the skin is more than applying topical moisturisers or drinking eight glasses of water; it has everything to do with how the skin draws moisture and keeps it in.

Ceramides are the building blocks of the skin barrier—think of them as the cement that holds the bricks on a wall together, keeping aggressors out and moisture in. When there is insufficient ceramide, the skin barrier functions are compromised and there is an increased rate of trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) and increased skin sensitivity.


The ORBIS DEFENCERA is available in yuzu, muscat and peach flavours.

The ORBIS DEFENCERA is the first and only government-approved FOSHU oral skincare in Japan. FOSHU stands for “Food for Specified Health Uses” and is a recognised food safety and efficacy standard by the Consumer Affairs Agency in Japan, much like Singapore’s HSA or the U.S.’s FDA.

Packed with  DF-Ceramide, which contains highly purified glucosylceramide derived from brown rice, this oral skincare supplement is easy to absorb and compatible with the body. DEFENCERA works as a switch to send signals for skin to generate ceramides, which in turn fill in the gaps between cells on the skin’s surface to prevent moisture from escaping.

One sachet a day contains 1.8mg of glucosylceramide which can help replenish skin ceramides over the course of 24 hours. Originally launched with just yuzu flavour, ORBIS has extended it to include tasty muscat and refreshing peach flavours.


Besides feeling the effects on your face, this edible moisturiser also improves the skin on the rest of your body. Hard-to-reach or often neglected areas like the elbows, knees, back or heels can benefit from additional hydration to prevent flaking and roughness.

ORBIS recommends consuming DEFENCERA for at least three months before you’re able to enjoy the full benefits of healthier and more hydrated skin.

Available at ORBIS Takashimaya #B2-03A, LazMall, Shopee Mall, and Welcia-BHG. For more information, visit

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Purchase three boxes of ORBIS DEFENCERA at $155 (worth $179) and receive a complimentary ORBIS DEFENCERA Trial Set. Available from 29 November to 27 December 2021. Promotion is available at ORBIS Takashimaya and Terms and conditions apply.

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