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U DOT Lotion, $55, ORBIS

As you age, you might notice a few things — feeling tired even though you’ve had a full night’s rest, or just not having enough energy in general. What if this feeling of low energy affects your skin as well? Intrigued by the relation between energy and skin health, ORBIS embarked on a journey to understand the link between them and if it leads to skin ageing concerns like dullness, dryness, and patchiness.

Through 10 years of rigorous studies, ORBIS discovered that cells transport energy through facilitated diffusion glucose transporters known as GLUT, of which a certain classification known as GLUT1 is particularly important for the circulation of glucose and other nutrients around skin cells. Ensuring an optimal amount of glucose circulation helps the skin cells to stay healthy, thus allowing the skin to remain supple, plump, and soft.

Another crucial piece of information discovered is that glucose, which is not routed for use by the skin cells, may end up clinging to collagen, causing a reaction known as glycation. Glycation causes collagen strands to lose their tensile strength, making them hard and brittle. Over time, as collagen strands break, skin’s collagen network is weakened and skin appears saggy with lines and folds looking more pronounced.


U DOT Lotion, $55, ORBIS

ORBIS’s U DOT range alleviates this problem by increasing cells’ energy gateways and optimising the use of glucose and nutrients for skin cells and reducing the occurrence of glycation. An innovative blend of honeysuckle extract and evening primrose extract forms the ORBIS GL Route Booster, which improves the flow of glucose needed to help skin cells function flawlessly. Tranexamic acid is also included in the formula to help brighten dark spots and pigmentation by inhibiting melanin synthesis.


Start your routine with the ORBIS U Dot Wash (also a winner in the Best Cleanser for Mature Skin category) to wick away impurities and slough off dull and dead skin cells that often impede absorption of skincare ingredients. This cleanser lathers to a rich foam that will leave your skin clean, without stripping it of its natural moisture.

The star of the range is the ORBIS U DOT Lotion, a lightweight but potent essence that absorbs quickly leaving skin hydrated. Surround Charge technology improves the permeation of active ingredients so that they’re able to reach the deeper layers of the skin and improve energy circulation.

Lastly, the ORBIS U DOT Moisture envelopes the skin to form a barrier to hydrate and keep moisture in. The complexion is instantly plumped and hydrated after application of this lightweight cream.

Available at ORBIS Takashimaya B2-03A, ORBIS.com.sg, LazMall and Shopee Mall. For more information, visit orbis.com.sg.

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