SUBLIMIC Airy Flow Mask (Unruly Hair), $66 for 200g, Shiseido Professional

The heat and humidity in Asia’s hot climate can cause our hair to become limp and flat, especially if we leave things to nature and do nothing to care for it. Even your carefully coiffed hairdo for that important meeting or function will succumb to gravity within the hour, no thanks to the high moisture content in the air. 

If your beautiful fine hair feels weighed down and has lost its bounce, it may be time for a makeover—or should we say, mask-over. After all, every woman can use some help every so often to transform those flat strands into enviable locks that are soft and bouncy.

Get to the root of the issue and revive your limp locks with an intensive treatment such as Shiseido Professional’s SUBLIMIC Airy Flow Mask. Formulated to help boost volume and restore shine, this deeply reparative mask works to transform lifeless strands into the light and luscious mane you were meant to have.

Tame those strands

For healthy hair that is easy to manage, regular maintenance is key. With the rejuvenating SUBLIMIC Airy Flow Mask as part of your haircare arsenal, take control of unruly hair and see the difference it makes as you rediscover the buoyancy of soft and flowing hair.

This is thanks to Shiseido Professional’s upgraded formula that utilises Thermal Flow-Motion System technology which works from the inside out to rebuild and restore your hair’s inner structure. It maintains softness from the hair’s core by correcting its cross-sectional shape while ensuring vital moisture balance to keep each strand smooth and shiny.

Each mask is also powered by Thermo-Shaping Complex technology which provides intensive repair to your hair cuticles. Its heat activation mimics the effect of a hair iron, so your hair is conditioned to become more heat resistant and much easier to style.

For lightness and volume

The SUBLIMIC Airy Flow Mask not only protects your hair against the ravages of humid weather, but it also ensures that your strands enjoy a healthy moisture balance. This is essential for ensuring that your hair can hold its shape throughout the day, no matter what style you choose to wear. 

Say goodbye to limp and flat hair once and for all. Let SUBLIMIC Airy Flow Mask work on your behalf to protect your crowning glory, so you can flaunt a full, voluminous mane with that coveted silky texture every day. 

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