SUBLIMIC Airy Flow Refining Fluid, $42 for 125ml, Shiseido Professional

Whether you have been colouring your hair with chemical dyes, using a hair dryer to plump up your hair’s volume or applying a hot iron to add gorgeous curls, one thing is certain: You may be damaging your precious hair with those beautifying efforts even without realising it. Using heat and chemicals on your hair can result in dryness, leaving it dry and brittle. Extremely damaged hair can also develop cracks at the cuticle, increasing the risk for further deterioration. To help protect your hair from damage, tackle the problem of dryness with a highly moisturising treatment like Shiseido Professional SUBLIMIC Airy Flow Refining Fluid. This milky leave-in conditioner helps to stave off the damage caused by heat and styling tools while transforming your hair into those smooth and shiny locks you have always longed for.

Maintaining softness from the hair’s core

Known for their efficacious haircare solutions, Shiseido Professional’s highly popular SUBLIMIC Airy Flow range—first launched in 2019—is now available with a new and improved formula that addresses a broader range of concerns. After all, a good haircare regimen goes beyond mere cleansing every day—and the experts at Shiseido Professional well understand this.

Which is why they have developed this intensely hydrating leave-in conditioner to ensure you have the right products to keep your hair in tip-top shape. Containing new technology that utilises Shiseido Professional’s proprietary Thermal Flow-Motion System, the Airy Flow Refining Fluid focuses on the inner structure of your hair and works by correcting the cross-sectional shape of each strand for long-lasting control. 

In addition, its Thermo-Shaping Complex technology provides intensive repair to hair cuticles and mimics the effect of a hair iron to make your hair more heat resistant. This results in hair that is much more manageable, so you can create your favourite looks seamlessly.

For beautiful, flowing hair 

Achieving shiny and beautiful hair has never been easier when you nourish your strands with Airy Flow Refining Fluid. This leave-in conditioner not only ensures that your hair is well hydrated, but it also offers protection from external pollutants while helping to control frizz and flyaway strands. 

Its intensive repairing action works to eradicate dullness and dryness. With regular use, you will see and feel the difference in lightness and texture as your hair’s moisture becomes well balanced and your hair’s health is restored. 

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