Declaré Switzerland Probiotic Skin Solution Gentle Cleansing Emulsion, $59

The road to a glowing complexion starts with a good cleanse and Declaré Switzerland knows exactly how to get your skin there. The beauty brand, which developed the world’s first cosmetics for sensitive skin in the late 1970s, is known for its natural formulas that are gentle yet effective.

Among its stable of products for sensitive skin is the Probiotic Skin Solution Gentle Cleansing Emulsion, designed to cleanse without stressing out skin or upsetting its balance. Its innovative blend of active ingredients include probiotics, prebiotics and plant extracts that work together to improve skin’s resilience as well as restore and optimise its natural ecosystem.

Replete with inulin, yoghurt and avocado oil, this mild lotion gently but surely removes dirt, makeup and impurities without stripping skin of moisture, making it the ideal choice for those with delicate skin. It is also formulated to soothe and calm touchy and inflamed skin, especially after a long day of exposure to aggressors such as stress and environmental pollution.

Apply the creamy emulsion to dry skin twice a day, massage it in, then wipe off any remaining product with a soft tissue or rinse off with water. This also better preps skin to absorb the skincare that follows.

Available at Eternelle LX and M’Gelic Beauty.

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