Intercosmo Eksperience Talassotherapy Treatment, from $120 for 2 hours

If your hair has been looking dull and limp recently, it could be due to the accumulated build-up of styling and haircare products you have been piling on your tresses over the years. Give your crowning glory a thorough detox with Glamour Studio’s Intercosmo Eksperience Talassotherapy Treatment—it not only gets rid of product residue, it purifies and nourishes each individual strand of hair.

This holistic mud-based therapy treatment features a concoction of active marine ingredients including sea mud, algae and essential oils to give your scalp and tresses a deep cleansing treatment.
Your treatment starts with a detailed consultation with the stylist, after which your therapist applies a customised essential oil and algae powder mud mask to your scalp to absorb impurities; provide hydration and infuse active ingredients to boost healthy hair growth; and restore the scalp’s sebum
balance. The therapist may also apply a richer oil bath to dry or brittle hair. Once the mask has set, the hair is washed with an Eksperience shampoo chosen to specifically suit your hair’s needs.

Finally, enjoy a soothing scalp and neck massage as a nourishing lotion is applied evenly to your tresses. By the time the therapist’s fingers have worked their magic on you, not only will you have noticeably softer, lightweight and bouncy tresses, your tensions and stresses of the day will have vanished as well.

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