SW1 BAZAAR Hair Awards Singapore 2019
Photo: SW1

Best Hair Repair Treatment
Cinderella Treatment, from $300+, LeeKaJa
Delivering the silky smoothness of a keratin treatment with the volume of a good blowout, this busts frizz and repairs damage in the most natural way with all-organic ingredients, leaving hair effortlessly bouncy. It’s a wash-mask-dry-flat iron-and-repeat process, perfect for those with frizzy, brittle and chemically damaged (including bleached) hair. Its fortifying and cuticle re-sealing effects last up to three months.

Best Hair Retexturising Treatment
Tokio Inkarami Treatment, $180, COVO Hair Salon
Dryness is a key cause of many hair concerns, including dullness, brittleness and breakage. So the Japanese-developed Tokio Inkarami, a super moisturising treatment that boasts six types of keratins to repair damaged hair structures and revive silkiness and elasticity. The ritualistic experience features several rounds of hair masking with steaming and nano misting, which ensure the deepest penetration of reparative nutrients and keratin to strengthen from within.

Best Anti-Ageing Hair Treatment
Revitascalp, $214, SW1
A hair “facial” you can do during lunch time, this boosts scalp health with targeted blasts of nutrients like vitamins, amino acids and minoxidil that support and stimulate hair growth—in quantity and density. This also helps prevent miniaturisation, the process of weakening, depleting hair follicles caused by a male steroid hormone, which explains why many men frequent the clinic too.

Best Thinning Hair Scalp Treatment
Miracle Stem Cell Solution, $296.98, PHS Hairscience
Formulated by Korean trichologists and dermatologists, this scalp solution targets five conditions including greying, hair loss and thinning. A scalp-prepping and follicle-balancing concoction is massaged in before a micro-jet spray improves circulation and delivers an elixir packed with anti-inflammatories, growth factors and cell-signalling proteins to stimulate regeneration. A hyperbaric Oxy Infusion ensures deeper penetration of these ingredients for a truly revitalising treat.

Best Anti-Hair Fall Scalp Treatment
Adenovital Head Spa Scalp, $140, Walking On Sunshine
Zooming in on the root of hair growth problems, this seeks to first repair and restore a healthy scalp environment with Shiseido Professional’s range of Adenovital elixirs. These support regeneration with Adenosine, an ingredient with remarkable effects on the dermal hair papilla. Further activated with deft massage techniques and heat that promote deeper penetration of products, this hits the refresh button for the scalp—a rejuvenating boost from the inside out.

Best Treatment for Dry Scalp
Collagen Deep Moisturising Mask, $188, Luxescalp
Just like skin, dryness can lead to irritation, sagging and a decrease in self-regenerative capabilities. This three-step solution seeks to thoroughly replenish dry scalps with a mask that rebalances optimum pH levels and deeply moisturises to improve health and elasticity. A single session will improve scalp suppleness—thanks to a cocktail of hydrolysed collagen, amino acids, proteins and royal jelly—which in turn reverse any dullness or damage, ensuring a healthier environment for hair growth.

Best Treatment for Oily Scalp
Dead Sea Masque Hair Treatment, $200+, Topp Care Hair Solutions
An oily scalp is where clogged pores abound, and this mud masque promises instant deep cleansing effects with long-lasting benefits. Made with black mud, this detoxifying masque gently exfoliates and draws out oil build-up, toxins and impurities embedded deep within the hair follicles, making way for a high dose of minerals, oxygen and vital nutrients to be replenished, and to normalise cell function and regneration. This treatment also comes with an acupressure-point scalp massage to promote blood circulation in the scalp.

Best Purifying Scalp Treatment
VE Protein Treatment, $350, Jonsson
This seeks to restore the optimal environment for hair growth and health with three protein essences: Soy to stimulate the hair follicle growth cycle; milk to repair and fortify the immune system and overall matrix of the hair, including receding hair lines; and silk which is rich in serine to balance the pH and moisture levels of the scalp. This cleanses and detoxifies the scalp, creating a healthy environment for
hair growth, and restores the natural softness and shine of your mane.

Best Treatment for Sensitive Scalp
Nioxin SOS S+, $148, PH Lab
Sebum, product build-up, thermal styling and stress are common causes of a sensitive scalp, and this SOS remedy provides swift—and sweet—relief with a deep cleanse and gentle scalp exfoliation that draws out all this accumulated residue in under two hours. This in turn provides a clean, balanced environment for hair growth, while the reparative ingredients of the Nioxin System of scalp therapy products relieve tightness or inflammation, as a head massage eases any remaining tension away.

Best Overall Hair & Scalp Treatment
Physia Essential Oil Scalp Therapy, $288, Picasso Hair Studio
This is one of the few treatments that you’ll find customised concoctions for combination scalp types, with a deft therapist who caters to diverse needs, be it dry, sensitised patches or an oily scalp plagued with hair loss. Between each deep but gentle cleansing process, including microjets that sweep away clogging impurities and deliver a potent dose of nutrients from ampoules selected for your concerns, you’ll get to see how your scalp condition improves at each stage through a handheld device. Massages that extend to the shoulders are a real treat too.

Most Relaxing Hair Treatment
Miracle Oil Spa Therapy, from $321.43, PHS Hairscience
Think of this as a spa indulgence for your scalp and hair—where gentle purification meets deep conditioning to soothe, smoothen and restore flow to locks and your senses. You will be treated to a scalp cleanse to rebalance and alleviate any discomfort and stress, before a relaxing massage enhances the absorption of a specially formulated treatment cream rich with replenishing keratins and nutrients. The result sees repaired strands with restored strength and shine, and a more peaceful state of mind.