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One of the most common misconceptions of cellulite is that it has some correlation to body fat percentage. In reality, its appearance is caused by a decrease in blood circulation, which can affect the structure of fat cells.The good news is, you can reboot the body’s circulation in a variety of ways: From strength training and stretching, to increased hydration and a diet that  is higher in protein, as well as treatments that help get everything else moving, such as lymphatic drainage to get rid of water retention.

At M&G Aesthetics Beauty Care, the warming power of pepper is harnessed for its anti-cellulite Pepper Treatment. This spice has a well-known ability to heat up the body (not just the palate), which can lead to an increase in blood flow and metabolism, and help flush away toxins. First, Pepper Dead Sea Water is spritzed over the skin before a Pepper Scrub is applied and massaged in a circular motion to deeply exfoliate the treated areas. Once the scrub has been thoroughly washed off, a mixture of pepper essential oil and white mud is slathered thickly onto the body, followed by a cocooning wrap to improve product penetration. During these 10 to 15 minutes, your face is treated to an express facial with a pepper emulsion, followed by a head, shoulder and neck massage.

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M&G Aesthetics Beauty Care

The treatment ends with an invigorating full body cupping massage, which further aids in stimulating the cutaneous tissues and restoring flow within the circulatory system. The result? A visible reduction in cellulite, and skin that is softer, smoother and more toned than before.

Pepper Treatment is $98 (U.P. $300) for 120 minutes; $128 (U.P. $428) with Cupping Massage. Available at M&G Aesthetics Beauty Care, #03-05 Pacific Plaza,Tel: 6733 6742.

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