Visions of beauty are everywhere—more often than not, in the palm of your hand, as you scroll through social media feeds, magazines and all corners of the Internet. With endless photo editing tools available, everyone can look their best, even if they didn’t wake up like this. But beyond FaceTune or Photoshop, if you’re looking to genuinely hashtag #nofilter on a post, there is a not-so-little secret treatment that A-listers about town turn to for similar beautifying effects — Mirage Aesthetics’ 3D Wonderlift Booster Treatment. This gravity-defying, non-invasive “facelift” promises to reboot collagen production systems, which in turn improves skin elasticity for firmer skin and a more lifted look.


An all-rounder face treatment, 3D Wonder Lift Booster Treatment is said to visibly lift saggy skin and help you achieve a V-shape face. A powerful skin-lifting serum is applied before micro-needling to boost skin repair. Double masking follows to deeply hydrate your skin and help retain moisture. A comfortable and non-invasive solution, these steps work hand-in-hand to revitalise dull skin.

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Suitable for those who are starting to experience, or are already experiencing, sagging, this treatment will help to improve skin functions such as renewal, repair and regeneration, and leave you with a defined, radiant and youthful-looking complexion.

3D Wonder Lift Booster Treatment is $98 for 75 minutes (before GST, exclusively for first-time customers; U.P. $480). Available at Mirage Aesthetic, #04-08 Orchard Rendezvous Hotel, Tel: 6262 3358/6262 3378; #03-20 Westgate, Tel: 6266 0228/6266 0268. For more information, visit www.mirageaesthetic.com

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