Lush Aesthetics’ Fat Freeze 360


Working out is great for your heart, health and waistline. But sometimes, the latter needs a little bit more help if you want svelte curves in all the right places—especially if stubborn spots of fat simply refuse to burn, no matter how hard you sweat it out. For some additional help, why not try a non-invasive fat reduction that will benefit you in the long run?

Lush Aesthetics at The Centrepoint

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LUSH Aesthetics’ Fat Freeze 360 get rids of fat cells by, you guessed it, freezing. An applicator presses cooling plates on the areas you want to target and creates a suction action for about an hour. While leaving surroundings tissues unharmed, the temperature is able to kill fat cells, which are then naturally eliminated by the body through the lymphatic system. Depending on your body type, results can continue to improve after two months. What sets this apart from the traditional Fat Freeze treatments is that it has a full coverage cooling plate on each applicator, promises 40 percent fat reduction versus 20, can be done on smaller surface areas like the chin and inner arms, and can be target more than one area per session.


Likened to a pinching sensation, this solution promises to be a safe and easy way to help you achieve fat reduction without any needles, incisions, anaesthesia and side effects, other than the possibility of light bruising after. Fret now, however—no actual downtime is needed and you can return to your day immediately after the session.

Fat Freeze 360 is from $388 per session. Available at LUSH Aesthetics, #03-33 The Centrepoint, Tel: 6737 4964/9465 4544; #B2-37 Bedok Mall, Tel: 6386 5964/8223 2844. For more information, visit*

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