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From binge-worthy television shows to boundary breaking pop stars, Korea has taken the world by storm in myriad ways. Right at the top of its global domination? Beauty. At Bellezza Aesthetics, one can achieve K-celebrity level porcelain luminosity with the Aqua White Skin Booster. This glowing facial combines the latest in powerful pigmentation removal technology from Korea with a house formulated whitening elixir that breaks up melanin clusters within the skin into smaller particles, which are then easily removed by the body’s natural system. What’s more, this skin booster pumps in moisture that’s equivalent to 8,000 hydration masks into your skin, while contracting pores and stimulating a collagen boost that rejuvenates skin from the inside out for a rosy mien. The result is a fairer, clearer and brighter complexion that’s plump, youthful and radiant.


With a potent cocktail of illuminating ingredients, the whitening elixir is delivered into the skin via nano-sized particles for deeper, swifter penetration to soothe and illuminate complexions from inside out. Pigmentation spots such as freckles, blemish scars, sun spots and even liver spots will also begin to lighten, while skin tone is visibly more even in tone, contoured, firm.

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The treatment finishes off with an oxygen mask to lock in all the nutrients, leaving your skin with a dewy, pinkish glow. No needles, lasers or downtime needed, and instantaneous results make the non-invasive Aqua White Skin Booster a must-do before any event where you will be in the spotlight.

Aqua White Skin Booster is $388 for 75 minutes. Available at Bellezza Aesthetics,
#04-13/13A Wheelock Place, Tel: 6223 2533. For more information, visit*

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