Get Fit And Fabulous With The Nike+ Training Club

Too busy to go to the gym? Always wanted a personal trainer? Well the Nike+ Training Club (N+TC) app is just what you need (and it’s free!). BAZAAR speaks to Wany Misban, Lead Trainer, N+TC Singapore.

N+TC can be done anytime, anywhere. “I would recommend doing it first thing in the morning after 30 minutes cardio to kick off your day. The main reason is that you get to push your body through a tough workout even before it knows what it’s doing. And you’ll feel awesome for the rest of the day”

Here are her recommended workouts for:

Weight loss – Do more movements that brings that heart rate up with cardio & include some strength work to allow some post-workout metabolic effect to happen

Try: Cardio Hustle (30min burns 130kcal) A great full body workout which includes medicine ball for additional strength work. Metabolic Kick Hit (17min burns 75kcal) Plenty of legs, plyometric exercises to bring up the heart rate.

Toning and definition – It’s all about weights & the quality of movement

    • Try: Abs And Arms (15min burns 52kcal) The name says it all. One of Misban’s favourites.
    • Tabata toned workout (12min burns 40kcal) Tabata is a high-intensity workout protocol that works in a 2:1 work to rest ratio, an awesome full body workout.
  • Runners – Aim to strengthen the glutes & core to be a faster & more efficient runner
    • Try: Runner’s Strength And Balance (16min burns 61 kcal) Designed by Olympian heptathlete Katarina Johnson-Thompson, it’s very specific to running. Core Stability (11min burns 34kcal) Targets the main areas that runners need
  • People who sit at their desk from 9 to 5 – Priority to mobilise the upper torso, stretch hips. Short workouts that can be done at office
    • Try: Full Stretch Guide. Zoom in 10. Zoom in 5
  • Post long haul flight – Stretch. Stretch. The hips, back & legs are the usual areas that may seize or swell up after long haul flights
    • Try: Run Ready Yoga. Full Stretch Guide.Total Body Cool Down
  • Expectant mothers – Avoid crunching the tummy, focus on opening the chest, strengthening the glutes
    • Try: New Year’s Crush (15min burns 55kcal). Abs & Arms. Barre Strength (25min burns 100kcal) N+TC Master Trainer Alex Hipwell is an expert in Barre work. This workout is perfect to strengthen the legs & glutes
  • By: Debby Kwong
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