Sublimage L’extrait de Crème, $820 for 50ml, Chanel

For the first time, Chanel has combined all forms of vanilla planifolia, the keystone ingredient in its SUBLIMAGE range, in the exquisite SUBLIMAGE L’extrait de Crème. A deeply moisturising formula with a velvety texture and silk-on-skin feel, applying this face cream in the morning or at night will have you feeling like you just stepped out of the most indulgent facial.

Powered by plants

Not only does it offer intense hydration to perk up parched skin, SUBLIMAGE L’extrait de Crème also staves off the signs of ageing. The secret behind its skin-boosting formula is vanilla planifolia, specifically the Magdagascan variant, which was selected from 117 varieties of vanilla planifolia grown around the world.

The researchers at Chanel have studied this plant for 15 years, and continue to unravel its secrets. SUBLIMAGE L’Extrait de Crème draws on the entire life cycle of vanilla planifolia, which is cultivated in Chanel’s open-sky laboratory in Ambanja, Madagascar. In addition to the hero ingredient, planifolia PFA, which is collected from the fruit and put through a polyfractioning process to extract and purify its skin-rejuvenating polyketones, it combines all the benefits of the active ingredients found in the other parts of the plant: The skin-repairing stem cells in the leaves, protective antioxidants in the flowers, and regenerative properties of the unripe pods.

Much care goes into producing these precious ingredients. The vanilla planifolia flowers must be hand-pollinated and the pods can only be harvested one month out of the year—it takes 115 pounds of vanilla planifolia to yield one pound of planifolia PFA. Time is also of the essence—the optimal moment to extract the active molecules from the vanilla pods is just before they ripen.

Feel good, look good

Besides investing in the science behind SUBLIMAGE L’extrait de Crème, Chanel has also devoted much effort into creating its sensory appeal. The result is a sensual, comforting scent that induces a feeling of calm, and a double-emulsion formula that feels fresh and light on application, despite its rich texture. A little goes a long way, and in just one week, you can show off a smoother, baby soft and more luminous complexion.

Brought to you by Chanel Beauty