Clogged and open pores, breakouts and greasy skin might be part and parcel of living in a tropical climate, but harsh anti-acne and mattifying skincare can also cause your skin to become sensitive or dehydrated. Derma-Rx®’s feted Comedone Formula combines botanical extracts of kudzu root, great burdock root, camomile and lycopene derived from tomato extract to gently and effectively decongest pores, soothe inflammations and regulate sebum production.

It also contains antioxidants to protect skin from environmental aggressions that might further aggravate acne-prone skin conditions, and is gentle enough even for sensitive skin. The result: Whiteheads and blackheads are diminished, and skin looks clearer and more refined, as if airbrushed to Instagram perfection.

Available at The DRx Clinic Singapore, #16-01 Tong Building. Visit for more information.